Ending Endo with Dr. Miranda Myles


Our Endometriosis Masterclass

This masterclass will cover absolutely everything you need to get started with endometriosis and coming off the pill. We cover the 101 of your menstrual cycle, how to detect ovulation, what even is ovulation and those pesky symptoms that can arise post pill. We uncomplicate endometriosis and bring light to the how, what, when, where why of endo and what you can do to help your symptoms.

We’ll chat about supplements, herbs, diet, acupuncture, lifestyle and all the things involved with tracking your cycle, knowing reproduction and understanding endometriosis.

At the risk of sounding like we’re bragging (I mean, we totally are), this masterclass is not one to miss. With over 30 years combined in the health and fertility field, Miranda and Jackie will drop knowledge bombs, leaving you blown away. We will take all that sciencey stuff, and make it make sense for you.

Hosted by Dr. Miranda Myles (MAppSc- Acupuncture, BHSc- Naturopathy., BA)


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