Mental & Emotional Health

At Freyja, we provide a beautifully supportive environment and hold space for you to express yourself freely. We listen and learn to understand your mental or emotional trauma.

We view anxiety and depression as two emotions at opposite ends of the same continuum, and often we can fluctuate between these two states on a regular basis. These emotional fluctuations are compounded by poor diet, or lifestyle choices, as well as other traumas and stressful lifestyle factors that may be outside our immediate control.

Here at Freyja, we are not suggesting that you will never feel these emotions again, but rather we want to help you, guide you, and give you evidence based strategies to help manage your mindset and modulate your response.


Our approach is gently caring and we offer holistic, natural and effective options to help you manage mental and emotional issues such as stress, anxiety and depression, along with related issues such as poor sleep, pain and exhaustion. Our treatment strategies may include acupuncture, nutritional advice and food as medicine, specifically prescribed herbal and nutritional medicines, relaxation techniques including breath work, massage, yoga and positive lifestyle approaches to stress management and mindfulness techniques.

Dr Miranda has her beautiful The Anxiety Relief Project Easy and accessible, it is a 14-day on-line program to give you simple tips and tools you can use straight away, at home or work, to relieve anxiety. The focus of The Anxiety Relief Project is to send messages of safety & calm to your nervous system to overcome anxiety, uncertainty, worry and fear, so you can breathe, be and become.

We will also refer and work with our amazing network of psychologists, counsellors, doctors, mindset therapy specialists as mental health issues are serious in their nature and often require a team of experts to hold and support you better.

Different combinations of acupuncture, naturopathy & nutrition can also be used to manage other symptoms that are associated with mental and emotional health imbalances including:

  • Anxiety & depression
  • Stress
  • Sleep issues
  • Fatigue & exhaustion
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Cramps and spasms
  • Digestive complaints
  • Thyroid issues
  • Pyrroluria

Our team can help you with mental and emotional health through:


“We have 3 homes – our earth, our body and our mind.

Take care of them.”

– Anonymous


Acupuncture is brilliant in helping the management of mental and emotional imbalances. Our patients regularly report they experience the phenomenon “acu feels”- an improvement in mood combined with a sense of deep relaxation that can be instantaneous.

Acupuncture may regulate our stress hormones to modulate mood and provide amazing stress relief & emotional support through what can otherwise be an emotionally challenging (and draining) process.

There are very specific acupuncture points that have been shown to release endorphins and our happy hormones to promote calm in an overactive, over thinking and anxious mind leading to feeling more grounded and internally at peace. Acupuncture can also be used to help uplift your mood if feeling low.

Acupuncture supports stress hormones & reduces stress, anxiety and overwhelm to help you be and become all you can be.


Naturopathy & Nutrition – Food and Mood

The single most important factor that impacts generalised anxiety is what you eat. Food directly alters the structure and function of your brain & your gut (your second brain) and ultimately your mood. Underlying nutritional deficiencies can affect neurotransmitter production and function and thus contribute to mood imbalances.

Foods can increase panic, or foods can have a calming, nurturing and nourishing affect. We can do all the things- pop all the pills, exercise enthusiastically, sleep solidly & water ourselves, but if our food fails us, everything falls apart. Of course, we are not all the same and our reactions will vary, but generally speaking there are the harmers and the helpers when it comes to anxiety and panic.

The ‘harmers’ include caffeine, alcohol and sugars, whilst the ‘helpers’ to emotional health include magnesium, zinc, B6, tryptophan, omega 3 fatty acid..

Specific herbs can also be used to help induce feelings of calm, reduce anxiety, and uplift your mood. These are best prescribed by a naturopath experienced in drug and herb interactions to ensure appropriateness of the herbs for you.

As a lecturer in nutritional biochemistry, Dr Miranda wrote the original nutritional biochemistry course material for Southern School of Natural Therapies (now Torrens). She understands the neurotransmitter pathways and the nutrients and foods required for the production of happy hormones including serotonin, dopamine, adrenalin, noradrenalin & cortisol, and is considered an expert in this field

Test, don’t guess

If necessary, we may require some functional medicine testing to be conducted including MTHFR, pyroluria, adrenal cortex profiling, DUTCH plus, Comprehensive Thyroid Check